University of Wisconsin Detect CWD Prions at Mineral Sites for Deer

Original Article from Journal Sentinel Here

Research published May 2nd, 2018 have verified Chronic Wastings Disease (CWD) in the environment at a site where deer gather. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found CWD prions in the soil or water at 9 of 11 mineral sites for deer tested in south-central Wisconsin.

The results that the prions were found is not the “breakthrough” considered in this research, rather the analytical methodology to detect and monitor the presence of the prion.

“Detection of prions in environmental reservoirs represents an important first step in understanding environmental transmission of CWD as well as the potential for cross-species transmission,” said Joel Pedersen, lead author of the study.

PHOTO: This map shows the sites of the mineral licks sampled by UW researchers for their CWD prion study. (Photo: University of Wisconsin)

The results of the study suggest that mineral sites in CWD outbreak zones may serve as reservoirs of CWD prions that contribute to disease transmission to susceptible animals.

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