Update on YETI® and the NRA

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This widely shared and debated topic of YETI® V.S. the NRA originated from an email sent out on the weekend of April 20-22nd. The NRA emailed its members over the weekend that YETI® decided to cut business ties with the NRA Foundation. The email and social media outrage immediately lead to some customers destroying YETI® products, including the destruction of a YETI® cooler with the use of tannerite.

The events and outrage over the weekend lead to YETI® to defend its commitment to the second amendment. The post can be seen below:


YETI® explains that they were offering alternative customization program broadly available to consumers and organizations, including the NRA Foundation, and eliminating a group of outdated discounting programs.

The stance between YETI® and the NRA Foundation is still ongoing.  

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