Is a 22 Long Rifle Pistol Ideal for EDC?

Concealed carry is a hot topic in today’s gun-culture atmosphere. There has been a 256% increase in concealed carry licenses since 2007, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing. According to estimates there are over 16 million active concealed carry permits in the United States, and don’t forget there are at least 13 states that allow Constitutional Carry for residents without a permitWith all the attention and popularity surrounding the concealed carry topic, and adding a firearm to your Every Day Carry (EDC), arms manufacturers are taking notice. In recent years the market and selection in compact, lightweight concealed carry pistols has boomed, pun intended! Cartridges like the .380, 9mm, and .38 have gained in popularity and increased their market share. With concealed carry in mind, folks are paying close attention to size and weight when choosing an EDC pistol. What could be lighter, smaller, and easier to carry than a .22 Long Rifle (LR) pistol?

Check out 22plinkster, a popular YouTube shooting personality, with his review and thoughts on the LifeCard 22 LR Pistol by Trailblazerfirearms. This pistol is just one of many on the market designed for concealed carry and chambered in .22 LR.

The .22 LR has a long history with shooters, but for concealed carry and personal protection? There are at least two sides to every argument, and the .22 LR for personal carry is no exception. The 22 LR cartridge is way underpowered when compared to any ACP cartridge, it is a low velocity round, and its minimal kinetic energy leaves many who carry wanting more. However, the saying goes, the best concealed weapon is the one you will carry. Can the virtues of comfort, small size, and ease of carry offered by the .22 LR convince you to always carry? The constant development for smaller, lighter and more comfortable pistols by manufacturers is a tell tale sign that consumers are looking for something that fits that bill. If the weight, size, lack of concealability, and lack of comfort causes you to think twice about holstering your pistol on the way out the door, maybe the .22 LR is a viable option? Either as your primary carry, or a backup for your EDC, is the .22 LR a contender for concealed carry and personal defense?

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