Advanced Performance AR15 Furniture Kit with 3 AR Mags – An Incredible Value

Whether it is your first lower parts kit, build, or complete purchase, or you’re tired of the same old furniture, taking a look at new AR 15 furniture kits is something on everyone’s radar at some point. The fact that there are so many different options for so many different needs, hands, and applications creates the necessity to dive into the world of AR Grips, stocks, and mags. Whether it’s a bigger grip with more surface area or larger cheek-weld on the stock, very slight differences between brands or companies can land you a grip, stock, or mag that fits you and your AR 15 perfectly. For the most part, an upgrade to any AR 15 Furniture set usually tackles one or more important factors making the entire platform work more effectively. Check out the breakdown of THRiL’s unique AR 15 Furniture Kit.

What is in the AR Kit? 

The AR 15 furniture kit is one of the best options out there to upgrade your AR 15’s grip and stock simultaneously, while also allowing you to acquire 3 more 30 round AR15 Mags. So what is so special about the grip, the stock, and the magazine? Each offers a host of features that surpass any competitor’s products, and the quality construction, solution-driven design, and unrelenting work ethic to perfection give all THRiL products an edge. We believe in it, and know this edge is passed onto the user on their own rifle platform. The grip, stock, and AR magazine each have eye-catching features that can individually stand up to any product in the industry. Moreover, packaged together, the kit gives an unmatched value on quality AR 15 furniture parts and mags. Check each of them out below. 

AR Grip – RTG – Rugged Tactical Grip 

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better sized AR grip that offers an aggressive stippled texture for intense tactile feedback. This level of texture promotes responsive weapon movements, improved agility, and a better guarantee of grip in even the harshest environments. 

With these features targeted during design, a grip for fast paced rigorous use and competition was born. The Rugged Tactical Grip has a 19.5 degree angle, which coupled with the aggressive laser texturing offers an extremely effective AR Grip at a competitive price point. If you are looking for a grip that gives you noticable advanced performance compared to anything you have previously outfitted on your AR15, this is the AR grip for you. The grip comes in black in the AR Kit currently but is available for individual purchase in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Gray.  

Combat Competition Stock

With the same fast-paced and rigorous use in mind behind the grip design, the Combat Competition Stock was an obvious companion the industry needed. This Mil-Spec combat AR 15 stock offers several well-thought-out features that other stocks fail to address. 

First, the recessed latch reduces the likelihood of snags and unwanted restrictions on clothing or other items in a fast-paced environment. The stock offers smooth transitions to different stock positions and a stable, secure, and tight fit on Mil-Spec buffer tubes. The Combat Competition AR Stock also offers ambidextrous QD sling mounts at two different locations for discerning competition shooters.  The combat competition stock comes in black in the AR Kit currently, but is available for individual purchase in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Gray.  

PMX 30 Round AR 15 Magazine 

This is the real bread winner for the AR 15 Furniture Kit deal offered, 3 industry leading Ar 15 Mags. Chambered in 5.56/.223, the polymer-matrix construction (PMX) offers extreme durability and performance. 

The mags feature an anti-tilt follower and stainless steel spring for dependability in any situation. The elastomeric strike plate located at the bottom of the mag ensures stability if and when dropped, even fully loaded. The Ar 15 Mags comes in black in the AR Kit currently, but they are available for individual purchase in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Gray.  Buy them here individually

AR 15 Furniture Kit Reviews 

Want to see the kit in action? Check out the reviews under the product page, or take a look at the videos above within the blog and below. The feedback is exactly what is expected, dependable performance and durability. 

The Firearm Guy Reviews the AR 15 Furniture Kit 

Here is a Del-Ton Sierra 316L Optics Ready Carbine range review. This is one heck of a deal for a quality built carbine rifle. I also added a Thril parts including a CCS stock, a RTG grip and PMX mags. Combined, the package is really nice. Check it out and let me know your thoughts on this rifle.

Texas Plinking – THRiL AR Kit – New Racing AR 15 

In this video I show y’all my latest AR15. This one however was put together with more of a “racing” purpose in mind. I tried to keep it simple yet effective for fast target shooting. It’s a Del-Ton DTI SXT with THRiL stock & grip, SJC brake and a Timney trigger. Optic is a Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6×24 with Vortex cantilever mount. What do y’all think about this rig?

Overall the AR 15 Furniture Kit offers incredible value considering the features you are getting for the price in each particular piece of gear within the kit. If you like what you see be sure to stay tuned for the PMX MPX mag, and more great products from THRiL in the coming months and years!

 IV888 AR15 Furniture Kit Review

IraqVeteran8888 takes a look at the THRiL AR 15 Furniture Kit, a rugged tactical AR Grip, Combat Competition Stock, and 3 PMX 30 Round AR Mags. IV888 runs through the RTG Grip, CCS Stock, and the mags on a Del-Ton Sport AR15 at his range. 

Each product has some major features that stand out in any review or comparison directly shown next to other products. This is why THRiL AR Furniture, and the AR Kit specifically offers extremely competitive high-quality gear at even more competitive pricing! For $99 the Ar 15 Furniture kit (in all black) is yours! Check out each individual facet of this kit and see if it is the right fit, and the right value for you! 

What is in the AR 15 Furniture Kit? 

The Rugged Tactical Grip offers a stippled AR 15 Grip that is aggressive enough to offer extreme performance without sacrificing the comfort with an overly rough or excessive textured grip. This gives a perfect balance for combat, completion, or any fast paced use for your AR 15. 

The Combat Competition Stock offers multiple QD points already installed, with standard sling slots as well. The real key here is the Mil-Spec fit offering a tight, stable and solid buffer tube positioning, but with a recessed latch that reduces snag! 

The PMX AR 15 Magazine is a 30 round mag with great texture across the mag face, an anti-tilt follower, and stainless steel spring. The major feature here is an elastomeric strike plate on the bottom offering durability and stability on a mag that may be dropped, empty or full!

Check out the AR 15 Furniture Kit now or buy the products individually and in FDE, Black, or Gray! You can even more AR kit or individual part reviews in our blog or in the product reviews on the AR Kit page. Click below, find the kit, and test it for yourself! We stand behind our USA Made products and know you will too once you run a mag or two through your setup! 


A Look at Some THRiL AR15 Accessories

THRiL USA takes pride in producing products that are of the highest quality and functionality. So we were pleased to receive high marks on a couple of recent video reviews from the gun gurus at Beyond Seclusion. Beyond Seclusion field tests the Combat Competition Stock (CCS) Buttstock, PMX 30-Round Magazine, and Rugged Tactical Grip (RTG) and had some great things to say about THRiL’s AR15 furniture.

Also, see below for a special mention from Brandon at Texas Plinking! Brandon did a field test on the new SXT Dark Earth from Del-Ton using some of the THRiL AR15 accessories.

Beyond Seclusion Review

Beyond Seclusion gave THRiL high praise for all three products: CCS buttstock, RTG grip, and PMX 30-round magazine. Starting with the CCS buttstock, he was impressed by the snag-free design. What Drew really loved on the CCS though, was the two ambidextrous QD attachment points since he is such a proponent of the quick attachment style. 

Competitor buttstocks tend to be wobbly and noisy. Drew noted this and mentioned that he really likes the near-zero wobble of the CCS buttstock, and the fact that it is compatible with mil-spec buffer tubes (the CCS buttstock only fits mil-spec buffer tubes).

Drew absolutely loves the RTG grip and he let THRiL USA know! He is such a fan, he replaced the grips on nearly all his AR15s. The thing Drew liked most about it was the ergonomic 19.5-degree angle and the thinner profile, which he says fits smaller and medium hands better. Beyond Seclusion’s choice was THRiL USA’s RTG grip over competitor brands.

On the PMX 30-round mag, Drew liked the solid construction with the rubberized strike plate. He also really liked the high-visibility, red-colored follower, and stainless-steel spring. As mentioned, it makes it more obvious when the mag is empty and the breach is open. While the PMX’s saw-tooth textured finger-grip appeals to shooters who like to hold the magazine with their support hand, this was not a personal benefit for Beyond Seclusion.

Running a magazine dump on his SBR, Drew finished off his review remarking the CCS was a flawless magazine.

Special Mentions from Texas Plinking

Brandon at Texas Plinking did a field test on the new SXT Dark Earth from Del-Ton using THRiL AR15 accessories. For his test, he decided to do something a little different and trick the SXT out as a Three Gun competition gun. He replaced the stock trigger, added the appropriate glass, and replaced some of the stock furniture using THRiL parts.

Specifically, he added the CCS buttstock, RTG grip, and PMX 30-round magazine to the SXT Dark Earth. He echoed the sentiments of Beyond Seclusion, calling the CCS “very solid,” and that it “feels very, very good.” You gotta love that “no wobble!”

Brandon also remarked that he really liked the RTG grip. He said it “has a nice slant to it” and that the “texturing is really, really strong so you won’t lose your grip on it,” and that it “is very rough, but you not going to mar your hand.”

Thanks Brandon!

THRiL USA would like to thank Beyond Seclusion, and Texas Plinking for their excitement about these products and rave reviews on our THRiL AR15 accessories. Check out their YouTube channels and reviews of everything firearms and outdoors!

Hunters and Anglers Willing to Be Taxed More for Conservation

Original Post from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A nationwide telephone survey recently showed that hunters and anglers would agree with a tax increase to fund conservation efforts. The poll was commissioned by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and conducted by the research firm Pubic Opinion Strategy.

It has always been known that sportsmen, hunters and anglers are big supporters of conservation. Through the Pitman-Robertson and Dingel-Johnson excise taxes hunters and anglers already pay towards conservation efforts on state and federal lands. The recent poll now showed that 81 percent of respondents would agree to a tax increase to fund conservation, 31% willing to pay $100 or more in new taxes to restore and/or maintain water quality or quantity.

Read The Full Blog Here on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Shotguns | The Original Multi-Tool

The most widely owned, versatile and adaptive firearm in the world today is without question the shotgun. Capable of a multitude of tasks, equally effective across an immense range, and adaptable, shotguns are astonishing tools. Every hunter and shooter should have at least one shotgun in their collection. There are guns designed around specific tasks and guns that excel at fitting many niches, many factors should be recognized and considered when buying a shotgun.

Shotguns come in a wide variety of types, makes, and models. Some shotguns are built specifically with a special use or task in mind, yet others are built for versatility and adaptability. The options can be mind-blowing with so many choices and use cases out there, finding the right fit in a shotgun for your collection takes some consideration.

Many shooters, sportsmen, and firearm enthusiasts might consider shotguns simply for bird hunting and wing shooting. Scratching down ducks, field hunts for geese, and upland bird hunts for pheasants, quail, and chukar are terrific occasions to shoulder a shotgun, but shotguns are much more than that. Shotguns in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge, the most common gauges of shotguns, are versatile tools used for law enforcement, home defense, tactical shooting, big game hunting, and the list goes on. There are considerations to account for when it comes to action type, budget, use case, and versatility when you’re shopping for a new or used shotgun.

Use Case

Shotguns are extremely versatile, with the ability to function at a variety of tasks. Identifying a shotguns use, or deciding on an all-around firearm that performs well at many tasks calls for use case examination.

All Around

Shotguns are the original multi-tool, performing a variety of tasks equally well. A pump or semi-automatic gun chambered in 12 or 20 gauge with a 26 or 28-inch barrel equipped with screw in chokes can easily be considered the world’s most versatile firearm.

A shotgun barrel with a modified choke and loaded with light birdshot, will happily harvest upland game including pheasants, quail, rabbits, grouse, and squirrels. Feed that same shotgun 3” steel shot and you’ve got yourself the ultimate tool for taking ducks and geese. Change chokes and load up with slugs for hunting big game like deer and elk in areas that only allow low-velocity firearms. You can’t forget the perfect wild turkey gun in either spring or fall seasons, in most states shotguns are the only firearm allowed for turkey hunting.

Double up with the same gun as a formidable home defense weapon. Loaded with anything from buckshot and slugs to heavy game loads or even birdshot, a shotguns versatility lends itself to being a terrific option for home defense. Last but not least, don’t forget the sporting and recreation you can have with the same gun. Sporting clays, trap shooting, and tactical shooting at the range are all a perfect fit for the same pump or semi-auto in 12 or 20 gauge, with only the change of a choke and ammunition.

Specialty Tactical

A12 gauge setup with tactical furniture and the latest accessories creates a shotgun that starts focusing its use towards tactical. Shotguns are effective as weapons for law enforcement, military, home defense, and bug out scenarios. Shotguns are effective at door and lock breaching, and even engaging a target behind a cinderblock wall. There are even “less than lethal” rounds available, loaded with things like sandbags and rubber balls for assault use cases.

Manufacturers make a variety of accessories for most of the popular shotgun makes and models including accessory rails, lights, lasers, side saddles, and a large selection of grips, stocks, and forearms. Tactical shotguns can be built with a staggering measure of individual need and necessity, often starting with a platform that most would consider an all-around shotgun. Tricking out the popular Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 into a tactical style shotgun for whatever your use case is easily done by the at home handyman with common tools.

Slug Gun Hunter

Most people don’t think of deer or elk hunting when they think of shotguns, but don’t overlook the effectiveness of taking big game with a shotgun. Interestingly enough, states like Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland had or still have shotgun only mandates when it comes to deer hunting in at least part of the state. Also, there are public hunting areas the country over that require archery, muzzleloader or shotgun only when hunting big game, including deer and elk.

Putting a shotgun to work in pursuit of big game and feeding it slugs is easy to work for modern shotguns. In this scenario, the all-around pump or semi-automatic gun we discussed earlier is perfectly happy to become your big game firearm with the switch of a choke and ammunition. Many hunters, however, opt to build or buy a shotgun designed specifically for big game hunting. Most of the time this amounts to swapping barrels on an all-around shotgun to one designed with iron sights or one tapped for scope rails or bases. In fact, most optics companies produce a line of shotgun scopes with slug gun hunters in mind.


No shotgun discussion is complete without touching on the refined and sophisticated class of shotguns. Elegant, balanced, and usually a substantial investment, shotguns designed for upland shooting can be works of art. The all-around pump or autoloader we looked at earlier is more than capable of taking the game on the wing, but for some upland hunters, a fine over and under or side by side is the ticket.

Still capable of shooting the same ammunition and fitting the use case scenarios of the shotgun in general, these noble guns are crafted with discerning clients in mind. Designed for bluebird skies and gentle walks along birdy cover and wing shooting over fine gun dogs, upland shotguns demand price tags in the thousands rather than hundreds. Some guns go as far as custom fit and balance to the shooter, and are equipped with interchangeable gauge tubes allowing a shooter to hunt or compete with the same balanced and custom gun in various gauge competitions.

Action Types

The most obvious difference between shotgun types is the action type. One action may or may not have an advantage over another. Depending on your use case and intended purpose of the firearm, one type action may be better than another. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and what you are comfortable with. Shotguns are available in a variety of actions including semi-auto, pump, break-over, and bolt action. Each action has its own pros and cons, use cases, and price point. Two actions stand above the rest when it comes to popularity and versatility, so for simplicity sake let’s take a closer look at those: pump action and semi-automatic.

Semi-Automatic Shotgun

At home in the duck blind, the deer stand, in a law enforcement patrol car, and on standby for home defense, semi-automatic shotguns have come a long way in recent years. With manufacturers like Benelli, Franchi, Browning, Stoeger, and Winchester all in competition for consumer dollars, the semi-auto shotgun market is full of great options.

Autoloaders have become increasingly reliable in recent years, and are a favorite for many shooters. Semi-automatic actions bring speed to the reload after the first round is fired that can’t be accomplished with a pump gun, making for faster follow up shots. Both gas and inertia action semi-automatic shotguns help reduce felt recoil by utilizing the guns recoil energy to cycle the action.

Pump Action Shotgun

Pump guns are classic American firearms both in modern manufacturing and classics passed down for generations. The pump action shotgun is known for reliability, versatility, and function.

With a mechanical action powered by the shooter, pump guns do not suffer from issues when cycling a variety of shotgun loads. Feeding a pump action shotgun a light brass #8 birdshot, followed by a deer slug, and a round of high brass #2’s behind that is no problem for a pump gun. Offered in a variety of gauges and barrel lengths, most shooters first shotgun is a pump. When it comes to shotguns, the pump action shotgun is the foundation.

New Trends and Emerging Designs

Things can sometimes move slowly in the firearm and shooting world. ArmaLite designed the ever popular AR-15 in 1956, 1911 pistols were developed in the year 1911, and the 30-06 round was established in 1906. Shotguns are no different, and their evolution has been slow. However, there are some new trends developing around shotguns recently.

Magazine Fed Shotguns

Fired by the ever popular AR-15 and AK-47, the convenience and function of detachable magazines have taken the shooting world by storm. Manufacturers understand that shooters are looking for something new and different. Incorporating the idea of a detachable magazine into pump action and semi-auto shotguns, gun makers like Remington and Mossberg have developed detachable magazine fed shotguns for shooters looking for something different.

AR-15 and AK-47 Style Shotguns

Based on the popularity of the modern sporting rifle designs like that AR-15 and AK-47, shotgun manufacturers are developing shotguns in the same style. Primarily designed for home defense, tactical shooting, and just plain looking “cool”; these shotguns come equipped with rails and customizing options similar to the AR and AK rifles. Companies like Tri-Star, Rock Island, and Siaga have developed tactical shooting systems designed around AR-15 and AK-47 styles.

Final Thoughts

Shotguns come in a variety of gauges, actions, and sizes. From little youth hunter starter pump guns to field guns chambered in 3 ½” magnum 12 gauge, and even revolver handguns chambered in .410. There is no other firearm so versatile and complementary to so many styles of hunting and shooting. Shotguns have a place in homes, camps, fields, duck blinds, patrol cars, and on gun ranges across America. Shotguns are as versatile as duct tape, and as tough as nails.

Increase in Recreational Opportunities for Public Lands and Waters

Original Post and Picture from U.S. Department of Interior  

Secretarial Order 3366 directs interior bureaus to create and deliver plans to the Department within 90 days. These plans are meant to increase recreational opportunities on public lands and waters. It also will designate one full-time employee charged to oversee recreational opportunities.  

“From my first day on the job, I have made it abundantly clear that we are going to refocus on Interior’s long-standing but recently forgotten recreation mission,” said Secretary Zinke. “We are incredibly fortunate, as Americans, to have amazing public lands and waters to carry out our tradition of outdoor recreation but the Department must continue to create opportunities to increase access for these pursuits.” 

Read the full post and details of Order 3366 here!

U.S. Secretary of Interior Announces $1.1 Billion for Conservation

Original Post and Picture from U.S. Department of Interior

On March 20, U.S Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced more than $1.1 Billion in national funding for state wildlife agencies. These funds are from revenue generated by the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration and Dingell-Johnson Sport Fish Restoration acts.  

Secretary Zinke commented “Every time a firearm, fishing pole, hook, bullet, motor boat or boat fuel is sold, part of that cost goes to fund conservation. The best way to increase funding for conservation and sportsmen access is to increase the number of hunters and anglers in our woods and waters.”  To date, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has distributed more than 20.2 billion for state conservation and recreation projects.

Read the full article and see each state’s total funds for sport fish and wildlife this year here.