Everything You Wanted to Know About the PSA U9 Mag

Every once in a while, something really cool comes along in the firearm world. It’s safe to say this new partnership between THRiL and Palmetto State Armory (PSA) is one of those things. The new PSA U9 mag is a great option for anyone interested in smooth shooting performance, durability, and extra rounds, which is pretty much everyone. Check out the great features in this new AK 9mm magazine, why it is different from other options, and hear several reviews from real people who have put hundreds or thousands of rounds through them. If you’re obsessed with tactical gear, you’ll like reading more below and checking out the gun reviews.

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Limitations of Old Magazines

One of the biggest problems that many people have with other CZ or AK-V magazines revolves around feeding issues. While that’s only a slight headache or inconvenience if you’re just out plinking at the gun range, it can be extremely serious if you use it in law enforcement or military applications. Many of them are also smaller capacity magazines, which means you will have to switch them out and reload more often. Again, that’s not a huge issue, but it can add up over the course of the day. Also, older versions can be more difficult to reload. These issues are all resolved with the new magazine.

Features of the New PSA U9 Mag

The new PSA U9 mag is an extremely durable magazine with several awesome features. It is constructed with the THRiL polymer-matrix (PMX) material for extremely high durability and performance. This PMX technology provides exceptional impact resistance. The magazine also contains stainless steel feed lips and an elastomeric strike plate to help improve performance from many other magazine options. It is very easy to load and cycles rounds through very efficiently and smoothly. This 9mm magazine is also bigger than many others you might already own and can hold up to 35 rounds, offering a new viewpoint in the debate between 20 and 30 round magazines.

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Which Guns for the PSA U9 Mag

That all sounds great, right? But which guns can you actually use the PSA U9 mag with? You have a little flexibility here, as you can either use it with the CZ Scorpion or PSA AK-V 9mm options. Both of them are fun guns, so you really can’t go wrong here.

The CZ Scorpion EVO is an awesome little gun that any tactical gun nut will love. Although it is extensively used by law enforcement and military, civilian shooters love it for some fun shooting at the gun range too. Chambered in 9mm, it has very light recoil to help you shoot all day, but it is a durable gun. It is very versatile too and can be run as a pistol, carbine rifle, or SBR. While you can, of course, use the Scorpion magazines in it, it also works with the PSA U9 mag.

The new PSA AK-V 9mm Pistol is yet another great option that can unsurprisingly accept the PSA U9 magazine. Similar to the CZ Scorpion, it is chambered in 9mm for comfortable, all-day shooting without going bankrupt from ammunition. This well-constructed gun cycles rounds with ease given the blowback design. Simply, this is one fun and reliable gun to shoot.

Reviews of the New PSA U9 Mag

So now you know more about the PSA 9mm magazine and which guns it works with. But before buying new products, it’s always nice to hear about other people’s experience with it. That’s why we’ve included a few gun and magazine reviews below to help you make the choice.

PSA AK-V Mag in CZ Scorpion SBR

This guy ran several of the PSA magazines through the CZ Scorpion EVO 3S1 SBR. Check out the video below for more details about his experience with the gun and magazines.

Credit: Not an Operator

As you can see, he shot five magazines (each with a 35 round capacity) in the Scorpion with no performance issues. He did note that the PSA U9 mag did not drop free from the CZ Scorpion SBR as well as the CZ magazine. But that’s largely a matter of personal preference and you could probably correct that with a little modification if it bothered you. You probably also noticed that he simply picked the magazines up off the snow-covered ground, and they performed perfectly with no fuss. That can be important if you’re shooting in all kinds of different conditions.

PSA AK-V Mag in PSA AK-V 9mm

The same guy from above tried the new PSA AK-V 9mm pistol with the new PSA U9 mag and a Scorpion magazine. He shot about 850 rounds through the gun (700 of which were magnums) using different types of ammunition. Here’s what he thought of it all after a day at the range.

Credit: Not an Operator

The vast majority of the shooting was flawless and smooth. But he did have a few small cycling issues. The four failures to eject and one slam/bump fire were on the CZ Scorpion magazines, but the PSA U9 mags all performed well. There was one failure to feed with the PSA AK-V mag, but that could have been due to the type of ammunition as it did not occur the rest of the time using a different ammunition brand/type. While he observed that the new PSA U9 mag was much easier to load than the Scorpion mag, the PSA magazine was harder to seat until it had shot over 100 rounds. The issues with the other magazines are consistent with what others have noticed, as discussed in the section above.

If this all sounds interesting to you, check out the new magazine and try it for yourself. It is a high-quality product that’s super durable and very reliable. If you shoot your gun with any regularity, it makes sense to use the best products for them. It will save you time, reduce your headaches, and give you more opportunities to fling some lead down range.

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