Advanced Performance AR15 Furniture Kit with 3 AR Mags – An Incredible Value

Whether it is your first lower parts kit, build, or complete purchase, or you’re tired of the same old furniture, taking a look at new AR 15 furniture kits is something on everyone’s radar at some point. The fact that there are so many different options for so many different needs, hands, and applications creates the necessity to dive into the world of AR Grips, stocks, and mags. Whether it’s a bigger grip with more surface area or larger cheek-weld on the stock, very slight differences between brands or companies can land you a grip, stock, or mag that fits you and your AR 15 perfectly. For the most part, an upgrade to any AR 15 Furniture set usually tackles one or more important factors making the entire platform work more effectively. Check out the breakdown of THRiL’s unique AR 15 Furniture Kit.

What is in the AR Kit? 

The AR 15 furniture kit is one of the best options out there to upgrade your AR 15’s grip and stock simultaneously, while also allowing you to acquire 3 more 30 round AR15 Mags. So what is so special about the grip, the stock, and the magazine? Each offers a host of features that surpass any competitor’s products, and the quality construction, solution-driven design, and unrelenting work ethic to perfection give all THRiL products an edge. We believe in it, and know this edge is passed onto the user on their own rifle platform. The grip, stock, and AR magazine each have eye-catching features that can individually stand up to any product in the industry. Moreover, packaged together, the kit gives an unmatched value on quality AR 15 furniture parts and mags. Check each of them out below. 

AR Grip – RTG – Rugged Tactical Grip 

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better sized AR grip that offers an aggressive stippled texture for intense tactile feedback. This level of texture promotes responsive weapon movements, improved agility, and a better guarantee of grip in even the harshest environments. 

With these features targeted during design, a grip for fast paced rigorous use and competition was born. The Rugged Tactical Grip has a 19.5 degree angle, which coupled with the aggressive laser texturing offers an extremely effective AR Grip at a competitive price point. If you are looking for a grip that gives you noticable advanced performance compared to anything you have previously outfitted on your AR15, this is the AR grip for you. The grip comes in black in the AR Kit currently but is available for individual purchase in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Gray.  

Combat Competition Stock

With the same fast-paced and rigorous use in mind behind the grip design, the Combat Competition Stock was an obvious companion the industry needed. This Mil-Spec combat AR 15 stock offers several well-thought-out features that other stocks fail to address. 

First, the recessed latch reduces the likelihood of snags and unwanted restrictions on clothing or other items in a fast-paced environment. The stock offers smooth transitions to different stock positions and a stable, secure, and tight fit on Mil-Spec buffer tubes. The Combat Competition AR Stock also offers ambidextrous QD sling mounts at two different locations for discerning competition shooters.  The combat competition stock comes in black in the AR Kit currently, but is available for individual purchase in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Gray.  

PMX 30 Round AR 15 Magazine 

This is the real bread winner for the AR 15 Furniture Kit deal offered, 3 industry leading Ar 15 Mags. Chambered in 5.56/.223, the polymer-matrix construction (PMX) offers extreme durability and performance. 

The mags feature an anti-tilt follower and stainless steel spring for dependability in any situation. The elastomeric strike plate located at the bottom of the mag ensures stability if and when dropped, even fully loaded. The Ar 15 Mags comes in black in the AR Kit currently, but they are available for individual purchase in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Gray.  Buy them here individually

AR 15 Furniture Kit Reviews 

Want to see the kit in action? Check out the reviews under the product page, or take a look at the videos above within the blog and below. The feedback is exactly what is expected, dependable performance and durability. 

The Firearm Guy Reviews the AR 15 Furniture Kit 

Here is a Del-Ton Sierra 316L Optics Ready Carbine range review. This is one heck of a deal for a quality built carbine rifle. I also added a Thril parts including a CCS stock, a RTG grip and PMX mags. Combined, the package is really nice. Check it out and let me know your thoughts on this rifle.

Texas Plinking – THRiL AR Kit – New Racing AR 15 

In this video I show y’all my latest AR15. This one however was put together with more of a “racing” purpose in mind. I tried to keep it simple yet effective for fast target shooting. It’s a Del-Ton DTI SXT with THRiL stock & grip, SJC brake and a Timney trigger. Optic is a Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6×24 with Vortex cantilever mount. What do y’all think about this rig?

Overall the AR 15 Furniture Kit offers incredible value considering the features you are getting for the price in each particular piece of gear within the kit. If you like what you see be sure to stay tuned for the PMX MPX mag, and more great products from THRiL in the coming months and years!