IV888 AR15 Furniture Kit Review

IraqVeteran8888 takes a look at the THRiL AR 15 Furniture Kit, a rugged tactical AR Grip, Combat Competition Stock, and 3 PMX 30 Round AR Mags. IV888 runs through the RTG Grip, CCS Stock, and the mags on a Del-Ton Sport AR15 at his range. 

Each product has some major features that stand out in any review or comparison directly shown next to other products. This is why THRiL AR Furniture, and the AR Kit specifically offers extremely competitive high-quality gear at even more competitive pricing! For $99 the Ar 15 Furniture kit (in all black) is yours! Check out each individual facet of this kit and see if it is the right fit, and the right value for you! 

What is in the AR 15 Furniture Kit? 

The Rugged Tactical Grip offers a stippled AR 15 Grip that is aggressive enough to offer extreme performance without sacrificing the comfort with an overly rough or excessive textured grip. This gives a perfect balance for combat, completion, or any fast paced use for your AR 15. 

The Combat Competition Stock offers multiple QD points already installed, with standard sling slots as well. The real key here is the Mil-Spec fit offering a tight, stable and solid buffer tube positioning, but with a recessed latch that reduces snag! 

The PMX AR 15 Magazine is a 30 round mag with great texture across the mag face, an anti-tilt follower, and stainless steel spring. The major feature here is an elastomeric strike plate on the bottom offering durability and stability on a mag that may be dropped, empty or full!

Check out the AR 15 Furniture Kit now or buy the products individually and in FDE, Black, or Gray! You can even more AR kit or individual part reviews in our blog or in the product reviews on the AR Kit page. Click below, find the kit, and test it for yourself! We stand behind our USA Made products and know you will too once you run a mag or two through your setup!