Advanced Performance AR15 Furniture Kit with 3 AR Mags – An Incredible Value

Whether it is your first lower parts kit, build, or complete purchase, or you’re tired of the same old furniture, taking a look at new AR 15 furniture kits is something on everyone’s radar at some point. The fact that there are so many different options for so many different needs, hands, and applications creates the necessity to dive into the world of AR Grips, stocks, and mags. Whether it’s a bigger grip with more surface area or larger cheek-weld on the stock, very slight differences between brands or companies can land you a grip, stock, or mag that fits you and your AR 15 perfectly. For the most part, an upgrade to any AR 15 Furniture set usually tackles one or more important factors making the entire platform work more effectively. Check out the breakdown of THRiL’s unique AR 15 Furniture Kit.

What is in the AR Kit? 

The AR 15 furniture kit is one of the best options out there to upgrade your AR 15’s grip and stock simultaneously, while also allowing you to acquire 3 more 30 round AR15 Mags. So what is so special about the grip, the stock, and the magazine? Each offers a host of features that surpass any competitor’s products, and the quality construction, solution-driven design, and unrelenting work ethic to perfection give all THRiL products an edge. We believe in it, and know this edge is passed onto the user on their own rifle platform. The grip, stock, and AR magazine each have eye-catching features that can individually stand up to any product in the industry. Moreover, packaged together, the kit gives an unmatched value on quality AR 15 furniture parts and mags. Check each of them out below. 

AR Grip – RTG – Rugged Tactical Grip 

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better sized AR grip that offers an aggressive stippled texture for intense tactile feedback. This level of texture promotes responsive weapon movements, improved agility, and a better guarantee of grip in even the harshest environments. 

With these features targeted during design, a grip for fast paced rigorous use and competition was born. The Rugged Tactical Grip has a 19.5 degree angle, which coupled with the aggressive laser texturing offers an extremely effective AR Grip at a competitive price point. If you are looking for a grip that gives you noticable advanced performance compared to anything you have previously outfitted on your AR15, this is the AR grip for you. The grip comes in black in the AR Kit currently but is available for individual purchase in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Gray.  

Combat Competition Stock

With the same fast-paced and rigorous use in mind behind the grip design, the Combat Competition Stock was an obvious companion the industry needed. This Mil-Spec combat AR 15 stock offers several well-thought-out features that other stocks fail to address. 

First, the recessed latch reduces the likelihood of snags and unwanted restrictions on clothing or other items in a fast-paced environment. The stock offers smooth transitions to different stock positions and a stable, secure, and tight fit on Mil-Spec buffer tubes. The Combat Competition AR Stock also offers ambidextrous QD sling mounts at two different locations for discerning competition shooters.  The combat competition stock comes in black in the AR Kit currently, but is available for individual purchase in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Gray.  

PMX 30 Round AR 15 Magazine 

This is the real bread winner for the AR 15 Furniture Kit deal offered, 3 industry leading Ar 15 Mags. Chambered in 5.56/.223, the polymer-matrix construction (PMX) offers extreme durability and performance. 

The mags feature an anti-tilt follower and stainless steel spring for dependability in any situation. The elastomeric strike plate located at the bottom of the mag ensures stability if and when dropped, even fully loaded. The Ar 15 Mags comes in black in the AR Kit currently, but they are available for individual purchase in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Gray.  Buy them here individually

AR 15 Furniture Kit Reviews 

Want to see the kit in action? Check out the reviews under the product page, or take a look at the videos above within the blog and below. The feedback is exactly what is expected, dependable performance and durability. 

The Firearm Guy Reviews the AR 15 Furniture Kit 

Here is a Del-Ton Sierra 316L Optics Ready Carbine range review. This is one heck of a deal for a quality built carbine rifle. I also added a Thril parts including a CCS stock, a RTG grip and PMX mags. Combined, the package is really nice. Check it out and let me know your thoughts on this rifle.

Texas Plinking – THRiL AR Kit – New Racing AR 15 

In this video I show y’all my latest AR15. This one however was put together with more of a “racing” purpose in mind. I tried to keep it simple yet effective for fast target shooting. It’s a Del-Ton DTI SXT with THRiL stock & grip, SJC brake and a Timney trigger. Optic is a Vortex Razor HD Gen II-E 1-6×24 with Vortex cantilever mount. What do y’all think about this rig?

Overall the AR 15 Furniture Kit offers incredible value considering the features you are getting for the price in each particular piece of gear within the kit. If you like what you see be sure to stay tuned for the PMX MPX mag, and more great products from THRiL in the coming months and years!


A Look at Some THRiL AR15 Accessories

THRiL USA takes pride in producing products that are of the highest quality and functionality. So we were pleased to receive high marks on a couple of recent video reviews from the gun gurus at Beyond Seclusion. Beyond Seclusion field tests the Combat Competition Stock (CCS) Buttstock, PMX 30-Round Magazine, and Rugged Tactical Grip (RTG) and had some great things to say about THRiL’s AR15 furniture.

Also, see below for a special mention from Brandon at Texas Plinking! Brandon did a field test on the new SXT Dark Earth from Del-Ton using some of the THRiL AR15 accessories.

Beyond Seclusion Review

Beyond Seclusion gave THRiL high praise for all three products: CCS buttstock, RTG grip, and PMX 30-round magazine. Starting with the CCS buttstock, he was impressed by the snag-free design. What Drew really loved on the CCS though, was the two ambidextrous QD attachment points since he is such a proponent of the quick attachment style. 

Competitor buttstocks tend to be wobbly and noisy. Drew noted this and mentioned that he really likes the near-zero wobble of the CCS buttstock, and the fact that it is compatible with mil-spec buffer tubes (the CCS buttstock only fits mil-spec buffer tubes).

Drew absolutely loves the RTG grip and he let THRiL USA know! He is such a fan, he replaced the grips on nearly all his AR15s. The thing Drew liked most about it was the ergonomic 19.5-degree angle and the thinner profile, which he says fits smaller and medium hands better. Beyond Seclusion’s choice was THRiL USA’s RTG grip over competitor brands.

On the PMX 30-round mag, Drew liked the solid construction with the rubberized strike plate. He also really liked the high-visibility, red-colored follower, and stainless-steel spring. As mentioned, it makes it more obvious when the mag is empty and the breach is open. While the PMX’s saw-tooth textured finger-grip appeals to shooters who like to hold the magazine with their support hand, this was not a personal benefit for Beyond Seclusion.

Running a magazine dump on his SBR, Drew finished off his review remarking the CCS was a flawless magazine.

Special Mentions from Texas Plinking

Brandon at Texas Plinking did a field test on the new SXT Dark Earth from Del-Ton using THRiL AR15 accessories. For his test, he decided to do something a little different and trick the SXT out as a Three Gun competition gun. He replaced the stock trigger, added the appropriate glass, and replaced some of the stock furniture using THRiL parts.

Specifically, he added the CCS buttstock, RTG grip, and PMX 30-round magazine to the SXT Dark Earth. He echoed the sentiments of Beyond Seclusion, calling the CCS “very solid,” and that it “feels very, very good.” You gotta love that “no wobble!”

Brandon also remarked that he really liked the RTG grip. He said it “has a nice slant to it” and that the “texturing is really, really strong so you won’t lose your grip on it,” and that it “is very rough, but you not going to mar your hand.”

Thanks Brandon!

THRiL USA would like to thank Beyond Seclusion, and Texas Plinking for their excitement about these products and rave reviews on our THRiL AR15 accessories. Check out their YouTube channels and reviews of everything firearms and outdoors!

Military Arms Channel Takes a Look at THRiL Mags and AR Accessories feature

Military Arms Channel Takes a Look at THRiL Mags and AR Accessories | SHOT SHOW 2020

The 2020 SHOT Show is in the books and we revealed some awesome new THRiL mags and AR accessories for this year. If you’re a firearm fanatic, you have a lot to be excited about. In the video below, the Military Arms Channel caught up with us at the THRiL booth to look through the new firearm accessories. Check it out below and then learn more about the THRiL products below the video. 

Why THRiL Products? 

Before we launch into the firearm products and AR accessories discussed in the video, why should you consider buying from THRiL? Our product appeal is in our name – THRiL stands for Tactical, Hunting, Recreation, and Loyalty. If you use your firearms for any of these purposes, you will like our products, which we stand by. All our items are developed and manufactured in the USA with durable and rugged materials so they last. We also support our country’s service men and women by donating to charities that support them. If you’re passionate about tactical shooting, hunting hogs or coyotes, plinking at the shooting range, or supporting our country’s military personnel, you’re going to love our products. 

New THRiL Mags and AR Accessories

The first item they discuss on the video is an AKV 9mm magazine that THRiL designed and developed for PSA in 2018, which is in addition to the new PSA U9 mag. Building on that success and experience, several new THRiL products were developed for 2020 that we think you’re going to like. 

Bantam Stock

This new and compact stock has a smaller profile and footprint to reduce weight (it weighs under 4 ounces). It comes with inserts to attach a butt plate to suit your preference. This stock also features a snag-free design because the pivoting point adjustment is located on the front. And with a tensioning device on the inside, you can firmly and securely attach it without it wiggling loose.

THRil AR accessories PMX 22 Magazine

PMX 22 Magazine

This modern version of the 10/22 magazine has a straightened stack that feeds straight so the rounds don’t get twisted. It has a rubber strike plate on the bottom to make it more durable. It also features a recessed magazine loader to make loading easier, which is located on the back of the magazine so you can’t stall it if you grip the magazine. This is one of the new THRiL products coming out in 2020, and it will retail for $29.99.

THRil AR accessories PMX AR Magazine

PMX AR Magazine

As with the 10-22 design, this PMX AR magazine comes with a rubber strike plate too. It has a saw-tooth design for good grip even with gloves on, but its rounded edges make it more ergonomic. The durable polymer-matrix (PMX) design features a 30-round mag developed for AR15 and M4 receivers. This item retails for $13.49. 

THRil AR accessories RTG Rugged Tactical Grip

Rugged Tactical Grip

The new Rugged Tactical Grip (RTG) features a coarse, laser-etched grip to allow good contact with your gloves, but it still feels good from an ergonomic standpoint. It also comes in a few different colors so you can customize your rifle the way you want. The THRiL RTG is compatible with AR15 and M4 receivers. This item retails for $16.99. 

THRil AR accessories PMX SM9 Magazine

SM9 Magazine

Building on the design of the THRiL scorpion magazinethe PMX SM9 magazine is another one of the new THRiL products introduced at SHOT. It is a 35-round mag with steel wrap-around feed lips and a rubber strike plate. This item will retail for $39.99. 

THRil AR accessories CCS Combat Competition Stock


CCS Stock

The Combat Competition Stock (CCS) is named after its primary purpose: for those in combat situations or who like to compete. It is lightweight and streamlined with a recessed latch so you don’t snag it on anything. It has a removable rubberized butt plate and internal tensioning device. The CCS also has dual QD sling mounts. This item retails for $57.99. 

We hope you’ll try these new products out yourself this year. A big part of the appeal for most AR owners is being able to customize your guns. With these great options, you have plenty to add. 

NEW 2020 AR Accessories at SHOT Show | THRiL AR mag, RTG Grip, CCS Competition Stock

Matt from THRiL showed off some of his company’s new AR furniture and magazines at Shot Show 2020 with Here we’ll do a quick breakdown of their current and future offerings.

The THRiL RTG Grip

The RTG or “Rugged Tactical Grip” sports an ergonomic, fluid, and aesthetically pleasing design. It carries exactly what it needs to as far as a replacement for the standard A2 pistol grip.


The grip is aggressively laser textured and formed as part of the polymer molding process during its manufacturing, giving it excellent feedback while promoting responsive weapon movements and improved agility. The texture was described as “almost skateboard grip tape” in feel.

The overall design of the pistol grip is simplistic and effective, and with a price point of $16.99, it compares well against other competitors. The pistol grip currently ships from their site in Black, Flat Dark Earth and Gray.

thril ar accessories buy button

The THRiL PMX AR Magazine

Their 5.56 x 45mm 30rd AR magazine offering is constructed of a durable fiberglass nylon polymer, with an ergonomically designed spine and checkered texture for better grip upon insertion into the weapon. The mag also has finger grooves for better overall grip, and reverse texture to help with pouch extraction. This magazine really lines up the needs of shooters who compete and need as much edge as possible on their loading and reloading speed.


The rubber over molded floor plate on the bottom of the magazine helps with durability when mags are dropped and adds some extra grip as well. The PMX currently sells for $13.49 on their website, and ships in the same three colors as their pistol grip; Black, Flat Dark Earth and Gray.

thril ar accessories buy button

The CCS Combat Competition Stock

With a very SOPMOD style design, the CCS Combat Competition Stock catches your eye immediately as a practical and aesthetically pleasing design. The cheek weld is pronounced and void of possible beard-hair traps, which are generally viewed as a design flaw on many other stocks that attempt to provide cheek weld.


Throughout the stock there are multiple choices for sling attachment points, including a QD swivel button mount, as well as three sling slots. This allows shooters multiple configurations and gives practical combat shooters the options they need to carry as well. The stock is adjustable, leaving availability to shooters to change length as needed.

Overall the stock provides all of the options that its competitors do while also maintaining a sleek design and leaving bulk out of the picture. The current MSRP on their website is $57.99 in the same three colors for the PMX and the RTG.

thril ar accessories buy button

Some of the exciting new mag options that were revealed as well were the SM9 MPX 9mm magazine and the PMX 22LR 25rnd Magazine, both of which feature a similar design and thought process that went into the PMX AR magazine. The expected release date for the SM9 magazine on their website is March 31st, 2020, and the PMX 22 magazine is expected to be released sometime in the summer of 2020.